You may choose to purchase additional images as per your chosen package as well as other specialty items we have.  

Samples of all of these will be at your in person ordering session.  Each shoot includes 100km of driving round trip from Belleville, ON.

 Pricing is at the sole discretion of the photographer and may change without notice.  

Once your shoot is booked your pricing is locked in.  All pricing is plus applicable tax's.  Payment is due at or prior to your session.  

We accept cash, credit, email transfer (becky@bvphotos.ca), or cheque made out to Becky Veen.


What is an in person ordering session and how does it work?

At Becky Veen Photography our clients matter!  We are so excited for this new feature we added to all of our photography packages.  An in person ordering session means that after your shoot we will pick a time to meet that is convenient for you.  For those in Strathroy this will take place at my home office here in town.  At this session we will meet, talk over coffee or tea, and look through your photos and all the memories that were captured.

It is at this point you will get to choose which images you would like to have included in your package.  At this session you will also have a chance to purchase additional images, and/or choose from our signature add on products we have available for you. At your ordering session you will get to see all of the best images from your shoot so you can make sure you end up with your favourites.  We value YOUR opinion of what the best photos from the session are.

How early should I b​ook a portrait shoot?​
In order to secure your preferred season/date/time, I recommend booking as far in advance as possible.  Seasons such as the Fall/Spring tend to fill up pretty quickly!​


What should I wear to my  photo session?

Make sure you are wearing something complimentary to you and something that makes you feel good about yourself.  You want to highlight the features you feel strongest about and not the ones you are most insecure about. For Family/Extended Family you want to make sure your outfits go together, I suggest Complimentary colours (please see our what to wear section) above rather than matching colours!   Always better to stay away from ball caps guys. Yep I said it, Sorry. Overall, I suggest you dress it up a little, but still be YOU!  You want to think about the location you have chosen and make sure you won't blend in or clash with the surroundings.

What should I bring to my photo session?
Personalizing your shoot is always a nice touch.   Whether we shoot you doing something you love to do together as a family or with whomever is part of your shoot, or you bring something that we can add into a photo that will bring more "you", both are great ways to personalize it!  I will provide some props as well, such as photo frame, chalkboard, etc.  but the ones that mean the most are the ones that have a little piece of you in them.​

What is the difference between printing through you and printing through someone else?
Although a flash drive is included with all of the edited digital files of your session for you to print wherever you choose, it is recommended to print through me for those photos that you wish to last and look amazing on your walls!

I offer high end printing and work with a company I trust  to ensure correct colour. Printing through me will ensure you will have photos that will outlast you!​

Was the answer to your question not here? Don't hesitate to contact me through my contact page with any other questions.