You may choose to purchase additional images as per your chosen package as well as other specialty items we have.  

Samples of all of these will be at your in person ordering session.  Each shoot includes 100km of driving round trip from Belleville, ON.

 Pricing is at the sole discretion of the photographer and may change without notice.  

Once your shoot is booked your pricing is locked in.  All pricing is plus applicable tax's.  Payment is due at or prior to your session.  

We accept cash, credit, email transfer (becky@bvphotos.ca), or cheque made out to Becky Veen.


Stressed about what to wear for your Photo Shoot?  Looking for that perfect colour combination? Here are a few examples to get your mind thinking in Colours!  Remember your outfit selection plays a huge part in the "look" of your photos, so have fun and choose something that screams "YOU"!

Questions to ask:

What are the predominant colours at the shoot location?

The goal would be to not "match" it but compliment it.  For example if we are going to be shooting outdoors amongst the green tree'd forest, perhaps you want to wear some Blues, Red's, Orange type combination and stay away from greens and browns.  If we are shooting indoors, what is the decor like in the location, if we are shooting in a predominantly blue room you might want to try to get some complimentary colours in to your outfits so perhaps some teal or orange or yellows.  I hope these tips help!

Where will your photos be displayed?

Consider where your photos will be displayed!  Is there a colour combination that would make a great accent colour to your room?  Is there a theme that would add to your already gorgeous home?

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Please see some great examples below:  
Photos from Internet c/o Kelly Howe